What separates ACYC from other FaaS protocols?

7 min readJan 3, 2022

Farming as a Service, or FaaS for short, is a newly developing sector of the larger cryptocurrency markets. It highlights protocols that incentivize buyers by investing on their behalf in DeFi yield farming, later returning the profits to those holders.

All Coins Yield Capital is an example of one of these FaaS protocols, but there are many things that set us apart from others in the sector; we aim to outline those differences to help illustrate how our investment strategies and profit returning structures differ, maximizing returns for buyers in ways no other protocols can.

Profit redistribution structure

FaaS protocols often redistribute profits by means of a process of taxation on buys and/or sales, called Reflections. ACYC has the most generous of these taxation structures, providing the full redistribution of 10% of $ACYC purchase taxes instantly to holders. Our protocol also has the unique ability to distribute the full amount of tokens we purchase with investment profits entirely to our holders.

Similar protocols offer much less % returns from purchases, and are only able to return investment profits to their holders by buying back their tokens at market - incurring the aforementioned taxes/reflections. ACYC is not limited to just this mechanism of profit redistribution as other protocols are.

All Coins Yield Capital has the unique ability to take all of the tokens that we purchase at market with investment profits, and redistribute them entirely to everyone holding $ACYC in a process known as manual reflections. So not only do we perform buybacks like other protocols, but we also return all of those tokens to our holders in blasts of manual reflections.

By doing this, we are able to provide exponentially larger amounts of returns from our investments to our holders than any other protocols, all of which rely simply on purchasing taxes (which are lower than ours anyways) to return profits. We do that too, then take all of those purchased tokens and distribute them instantly as well, reflecting harder than any other protocol can.

At $100mn treasury, ACYC will be able to yield and manually reflect $125k-$250k daily to our holders through this mechanism — something no other protocol has the ability to do.

Our unique investment strategies also allow us to generate much more capital, and redistribute those profits in much greater quantity to our holders than any other FaaS protocols that exist.

Profit yielding strategies

Many FaaS protocols focus on just DeFi farming, hence the word “Farming” in the title. While this is a strong investment strategy for consistent and steady returns on large amounts of capital, we find relying on that alone to be very limiting for growth, and not resilient to shifting market conditions.

One of the advantages to investing in ACYC is that we have many risk-adjusted investment strategies that curate a diverse and extremely profitable portfolio, much beyond simply farming.

This allows us to generate profits across multiple market sectors, regardless of what the state of those markets are. Instead of being stuck simply farming like other protocols, All Coins Yield Capital focuses on exactly that: generating capital from all coins in the market.

We do this through several avenues beyond just farming, including NFT trading, and using both algorithms and manual inputs to invest in highly volatile assets.

NFT’s as a profit generating vehicle — Atlas

Holding $ACYC tokens gives you exposure to the profits to be yielded from expert trading of NFT’s. Our team has years of experience generating extremely high returns on large amounts of capital by trading NFTs. ACYC’s NFT collection, known as Atlas, is finely curated to consist of assets that we are extremely confident will profit greatly, with very little effort from our traders.

This branch of investments are a wonderful hedge against shifting crypto markets, as any involved in the space already know, and provide the means for multiplying large amounts of capital with little effort.

Our ever-expanding team of extremely successful traders have a track-record of being monumentally profitable trading these assets. The power of our treasury allows us to provide holders exposure to these expensive markets, without significant capital investment or experience on their own part.

In Atlas’ first week of trading, we have already realized 49ETH in gains, with the largest being from these BAYC trades in just two days:

ACYC’s purchase of a BAYC for 49ETH
Selling that same BAYC 2 days later for 16.5ETH profit
Purchased another BAYC for 52ETH
Sold for 12ETH profit one day later

Owning $ACYC gives you direct access to the trading skills and profits from our expert traders. The profits from these investments, like all of our other capital-generating strategies, serve to feed our yield farming efforts.

Algorithmic Trading Protocols

At ACYC, we employ proprietary trading algorithms that have been finely tuned to invest in several types of tokens and profit massively.

Our first, named PAN, focuses on investing in newly-listed, extremely high-risk/high-reward tokens — these investments can yield many thousand percent returns in very little time. Pan executes micro-to-macro trades. We use Pan to provide our investors with exposure to these immensely volatile and risky “meme-coins” without having to lose their own capital and time. Pan is always watching, always buying, and always yielding profits.

Our next protocol is named DIONE. Dione focuses on buying the dip of larger, mid-tier risk tokens and flipping those purchases quickly for profits. Dione uses many inputs to detect if something is worth buying, with focuses on trading volume and dip depth. Dione sometimes may even buy the dips that Pan creates. It is able to provide consistent returns in lower multiples than Pan, but on higher amounts of capital.

Dione is also sometimes manually operated by our expert traders, who will input purchases or exit strategies into specific assets that we know will yield significant returns over time. ACYC is made up of many master traders with years of experience profiting in all crypto market conditions; the culmination of which allows us to make large and educated investment decisions that will generate significant capital for farming and treasury growth.

Holding $ACYC gives you exposure to all of those markets, traders, and gains, with none of the effort or risk.

DeFi Yield Farming — Titan

While many of our investment strategies differ from yield farming, we wouldn’t be a FaaS token if we did not also employ this strategy heavily. All of the profits from the preceding investment strategies serve to add fuel to the fire of our DeFi yield farming called Titan. We are always farming, and feeding those farms with returns from our other investments.

By curating a diverse, risk-adjusted, and heavily yielding portfolio of varying investments, ACYC is able to leverage those massive gains by deploying them into stable and consistent yield farming. We make massive gains through other avenues, and then multiply those gains exponentially by leveraging them in yield farming.

We have several very experienced farmers that focus on both high-risk/high-reward farming efforts, and medium-risk farming that provides consistent and significant gains on large amounts of capital. The bulk of our investment profits add to these farming efforts, and allow us to buyback and manually reflect significant amounts of capital to our holders — something no other protocol can do.

Investing in All Coins Yield Capital gives you access to all of these different market sectors, the great minds trading each of them, and further implementations we will employ down the road. The profits from all of these strategies are able to be returned to holders in full through manual reflections, something completely unique to ACYC.

There is no other protocol on the market that can compare their ability to return profits how we do. We do everything they can, and then exponentially more by being able to directly reflect $ACYC tokens to holders.

To purchase $ACYC and begin reflecting, follow this link to our purchasing guide.

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