What is $ACYC?

3 min readDec 4, 2021

All Coins Yield Capital is a DeFi 3.0 platform which specializes in farming-as-a-service (FaaS). $ACYC is the token issued by the platform which represents its total ownership.

ACYC is based upon the principle that the buying and selling of transactions is taxed, and those funds are used to reward current $ACYC holders through instant compensation and treasury investments that flow back to holders through “reflections”.

What are reflections?

Reflections are the means by which profits and taxes are distributed to holders of $ACYC. Instead of staking and claiming tokens, your $ACYC balance is constantly increasing.

With every purchase of $ACYC, 10% of the amount is equally distributed across all holders. No staking, no claiming, just reflecting.

All Coins Yield Capital also has the unique ability to manually reflect $ACYC tokens to holders. The contract allows us to distribute tokens manually to every single person holding $ACYC tokens, instantly.

This accumulation is viewable in our portfolio dashboard.

Every $ACYC token that ever will exist is currently in circulation, and there will never be more. Our token is non-inflationary.


ACYC uses many risk-adjusted trading strategies including, but not limited to, using proprietary algorithms to analyze and enter positions on high risk, high reward tokens. The profits from these investments are used to fund more stable and consistent investment strategies like DeFi yield farming. We do the farming, so you don’t have to.

We employ a variety of diversified risk-adjusted investment strategies to account for any type of market conditions and will always remain resilient and yielding.

ACYC thrives in the bull, flys high in the bear, and soars with sideways movement. There is capital to be captured in every market, and ACYC gets it all.

Sell Tax

Sell transactions are taxed similarly to purchases at 10%, although the tax is used differently.

Sell side taxes are sent to the projects’ treasury where a portion of the funds are added to the liquidity pool and locked for a significant amount of time.

The remainder of the funds are used to invest on behalf of the token holders. The returns from these investments are then split with 50% of all profits being fully distributed amongst token holders on a pro-rata basis to their holdings through the process of manual reflections, and 15% of the profits go to the operating costs of ACYC.

The remaining 35% is used to seed further investments for our yielding protocols.

When the token is bought from a liquidity pool, the transactions are taxed 10%. This tax is given to the preexisting holders of the token pro rata to their share of the tokens when the sale was completed.

Thus if a holder has 1% of the tokens, they will receive 1% of the tax taken for that transaction.


All Coins Yield Capital is not centralized around any individual creator or developer. Instead, it is the summation of multiple key figures across the DeFi and NFT ecosystem. Our team is ever expanding as we bring on more advisors who will all add their own value to the project.

All decisions are made by the core team. We expect to eventually implement a DAO-governance model.

Every decision made by ACYC is made to reward its holders. This decentralized system ensures that team members along with every holder are aligned on the same investment performances.