All Coins Yield Capital

You aim for one moon shot, ACYC grabs them all and redistributes profits to $ACYC holders.

All Coins Yield Capital:

Each $ACYC token represents a share in the profits of All Coins Yield Capital. ACYC uses a proprietary trading algorithm to give itself an edge on the market and enter specificly timed positions in moonshot coins. It then redistributes profits to every holder pioneering FaaS (Farming as a service).

There are no hidden fees, hidden costs or marketing wallets. Every transaction is transparent. There is no pre-sale or airdrop to the team. Every token will be market bought.

Liquidity: One year lock on Unicrypt

Purchase tax: 10%
10% of each buy goes to reflections

Sale tax: 10%
5% of each sale is deployed capital
5% of each sale goes into the liquidity pool

Maximum supply: 1,000,000,000,000 $ACYC

Technical links:

  • Contract Source Code Verified:

  • Liquidity has been locked for 1 Year on Unicrypt:

Additional Links:

  • Website:

  • Purchase $ACYC tokens

  • Twitter:

  • Telegram:



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