ACYC Market Watch and Investment Updates

6 min readFeb 1, 2022


Market conditions have been bearish lately, and this can leave investors fearful and with massive losses. However, with the right strategies, it is possible to make significant profits during a bearish market. Having thrived in previous bear markets, the ACYC team is thoroughly prepared for this moment. We seek to provide holders with significant returns, and peace of mind, even when the market is in a downtrend.

General Philosophies — Flexible & Strategic Action, Stack ETH

Let’s begin by discussing our general philosophy for navigating through a bear market. ACYC does not use cookie-cutter, low effort strategies for yielding capital. We could easily push a large amount of stablecoins into a Frax Pool, and lock it up for 1 year, to earn 40% APR. If this was what we were doing, we would not be providing any value or advantage to investors that they could not easily attain themselves. Just as importantly, it would not provide the flexibility necessary to take advantage of more profitable opportunities.

Instead of these cookie-cutter strategies, our team takes a hands-on approach to navigating the bear market–with an emphasis on flexibility and strategic thinking. As the market changes, so do our investment strategies. We focus on staying ahead of the curve, and remain ready to pivot into the best opportunities that come along. This allows us to significantly outperform other protocols and methods of navigating a market.

Ultimately, the end goal for ACYC during this downtrend is to accumulate ETH. All strategies executed by our team are methods to fill our treasury with as much ETH as possible. We are very bullish on ETH, even if the USD valuations are low currently. We can see the writing on the wall for this year, and the price action that is on the way. In keeping with this line of thinking, our analysts have been using the treasury to capture max value during this volatility. ETH is steadily flowing in, waiting and compounding. Our ETH funds are ready to be redeployed to the best strategies as they arise, while remaining positioned to benefit from the expected market rebound.

Cryptocurrency Trading — Dip Flipping & Shorting Coins

There are several lucrative trading opportunities that present themselves during a market downtrend. One of these opportunities is buying massive dips caused by panic and liquidations. ACYC has a warchest set aside to take advantage of these dip-buying opportunities. Each buy and sell is a calculated decision. The team scopes out the highest probability wins, and nimbly moves in and out of positions for profit. This allows us to quickly and reliably stack up wins for our treasury, without being left holding the bag.

Shorting is also a method ACYC uses to take advantage of market downtrends. If you are unfamiliar with shorting, it is a way to profit off a coin while its price is falling. ACYC makes smart decisions on which coins to short, and when to short them. This has netted a number of profitable wins for our treasury. Preceding the most recent Ethereum dips, we used our expert analysis of macro market trends to position ourselves strategically with short positions, aiming to take advantage of these downtrending markets. This strategy proved itself to be extremely lucrative for the treasury, as we continued to generate significant capital as ETH price was falling.

An example of our recent ETH short position

Farming Updates

Just as our trading strategies change with the market conditions, so do our farming strategies. Stablecoins, Ethereum, and other large and small market cap cryptocurrencies are balanced at the discretion of the team. This ensures ACYC is continually striking a balance between safety and risk, and always positioned to make the most of current market conditions.

We have recently deployed about 10% of our farming portfolio to a brand new protocol, similar to the CAP protocol. We expect these newly deployed funds to yield heavily, as we are confident this new protocol will begin rapidly increasing in its volume and exposure. Within this protocol’s USDC vault, ACYC controls a whopping 11.2% of the balance–which means we stand to gain quite heavily from its projected success.

This protocol’s USDC vault acts as the “house” against leveraged trades — which means we will absorb the gains and losses of traders making leveraged trades. Essentially, the more money traders lose, the more we will gain. Our analysts have considered the data which shows that, on average, more traders are leveraged long than short. That means in bearish market conditions, we have a high probability of making significant returns from the losses of these leveraged traders.

While the protocol is currently projecting 34.6% APY, we project that rate to climb much higher as this protocol gains traction. CAP, for example, has a historical APY of 160%.

NFT Trading — Atlas

NFTs are also a major focus of ours during a bear market. Historically, the NFT market has a noticeably inverse relationship with the crypto market. When crypto is pumping, NFTs cool off–when crypto cools off, NFTs pump. Because of this inverse relationship, the NFT market provides an excellent opportunity to make significant gains while crypto is in a downtrend. This is why we have traders focusing heavily on the NFT sector, keeping their finger on the pulse of the most profitable opportunities and being ready to execute the best trades.

And because much of the NFT market is traded in ETH, not only is this an opportunity to make gains in USD valuation, but also in ETH valuation. In past the 7 days alone, ACYC’s NFT portfolio (named Atlas) has profited over 38 ETH. Some key trades include a 6 ETH profit on this Mutant Ape, a 6.65 ETH profit on this Clone X, a 3 ETH profit on this Cryptoadz, and a 2.19 ETH profit on this Cyberkongz VX. Our traders continue to deliver upon their unique ability to read the market and trade the right projects for large profits.

Our trading team secured a 12.65 ETH profit just from these two Clone X and MAYC trades.

Market Strategy in Summary

All of these hands-on strategies for managing the treasury lead to significant returns, even in bearish market conditions. For every trade where someone loses money, there is someone on the other side of that trade making money. ACYC is that profiteer.

Ultimately, our goal is to build our treasury, and use those large treasury funds for yield farming. The interest made through yield farming will eventually be reflected back to $ACYC holders daily. The medium term goal is a $100m treasury, which when used for yield farming, will allow us to buyback and then manually reflect between $125k-$250k worth of $ACYC tokens per day to $ACYC holders. Bearish market conditions are an excellent time to stack ETH, which will get us significantly closer to our $100m treasury goal once crypto gets bullish again. We also will use this time to continue building the community and infrastructure of ACYC. We are positioning ourselves to lead the charge into the next bull run.

“Always buy the blood, even when it’s your own.”

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