ACYC February Performance Report

5 min readMar 9, 2022

ACYC’s second Treasury Report details how the treasury has performed from January through February, which has been a very turbulent market to say the least.

Overall Fund Performance:

In the time since our initial January report, ACYC’s actively managed funds have increased 149ETH. During an extremely bearish market our treasury was able to invest wisely and grow our balance significantly. In just two months since our fund started, our farming division is up significantly on a massive amount of capital— illustrating how well we can scale profits and investments in all market conditions.

The total treasury balance is lower than last report, as $ACYC the token is factored into the balances — but our investment performance is very high, and our actively managed funds have increased.

Our strategy for February was much more conservative due to our evaluations on the state of the market. That being said, we remain long term bullish on Ethereum, so stacking more $ETH is our priority versus worrying about USD value.

Dione — Dip Buying Fund

Dione is the name of our crypto trading, dip-buying fund. In this month, Dione saw a gain of $51,000 in under 7 minutes on one single trade of $CHEDDA. Dione’s overall balance is down compared to last month, as we moved some of the capital to our Atlas NFT branch, sensing changing temperature in the markets.

Our trade for 16ETH profits in less than 7 minutes on $CHEDDA

Atlas — NFT Fund

The NFT market in February was much less active than the month prior, but we were still able to increase the valuation of assets there by 147ETH — both by making extremely successful trades, expertly sniping rare assets, and the allocation of Dione funds to Atlas. The largest single trade in this month was a $24,000 flip on one single Karafuru NFT.

Just one of our Karafuru NFTs, flipped for ~8ETH profits in 5 days

Pan — Early Entry Token Trading Protocol

Pan is our algorithm for entering into new token releases within the first moments they go live for trading. February was a much slower month for these token releases, and so for much of it we had Pan in “bear market” mode, or off entirely. We did turn Pan back on just in time for a short season of cheese-inspired tokens, where she profited massively and managed to net a 27,000% gain on one single trade.

Titan — Farming Protocol

Our master farmer, Uncle Pennybags, had an extremely successful second month operating the farming division. In that time, we shorted Ethereum at $3.2k and managed to make significant profits from that alongside our other farming methods. In the period between the last report and this one, we managed to add 53ETH to our total farming allocation. This brings the total returns on our farming division up significantly, wonderful profit for such a large amount of capital — especially in such bearish markets.

Mimas — Minting Protocol

In February we introduced Mimas, the next in our suite of products we are developing to maximize returns. Mimas encompasses everything we do with NFT minting; that includes both our protocol that automatically mints NFT collections, as well as the returns we see from our ability to garner presale minting slots for lucrative releases.

In Mimas’ first few weeks of operation, the fund has grown over 3x from what it was seed funded with. The initial 7ETH injected into Mimas ballooned to 21ETH in a very short span. This is the result of several successful automatic mints and presale opportunities we were able to secure. These profits are essentially risk-free, and nearly instant returns of many multiples on investment.

Atlas NFT Fund — $SOL

This month we also introduced the first cross-chain NFT portfolio to the ACYC treasury so far. We brought Chef Arnold Poernomo on to manage our $SOL NFT fund, as he is very well versed in the Solana ecosystem and highly respected in the space.

Despite the crabbing markets, we were already able to realize over 10% returns on the funds we seeded that portfolio with. We have also opened positions in assets we believe to be strong medium and long-term holds, expecting to profit significantly as the climate of the market shifts

February Trading Strategies

Overall, our investment strategies for February were very conservative. Sensing changing tides in the market, we opened very few large positions across Atlas, Dione, and Titan, but still saw very significant gains across the board.

Expecting Ethereum to do poorly, we went short on $ETH well before there was any change in the political climate surrounding tensions in Europe. We profited significantly off of that position, and went short again even when there was a temporary relief in the market.

This proved extremely lucrative as the situation in Russia unfolded, and $ETH took another nose dive, again allowing us to profit massively. We expected the short term reversal in that downwards trend not to last, so again we hedged ourselves in stable farms and short positions on $ETH — only making short term flips in the meantime on tokens like $CHEDDA, $X2Y2, and several others. This was not the climate for taking out larger positions across the board.

Our strategies for February worked perfectly, and our actively managed funds increased by 149ETH in this period, despite extremely tumultuous market conditions. ACYC’s aim is to outperform the market, and February illustrates extremely well how we are able to do so. Overall, the treasury balance is increasing at an excellent rate, and we expect to continue with this momentum, ramping up our gains as the markets turn more positive.

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