ACYC Farming Strategy — Titan

  • 42.05 ETH locked as collateral under a ETH short call position with a strike price of $4K and expiry on Jan 7, 2021 on
  • At the current price of ~$4,090 ETH, the 42.05 ETH position is $90 in the money, so there’s a paper debt of $3,784.50 (~0.925 ETH)
  • 42.05 ETH — 0.925 ETH of paper debt = 41.125 ETH net balance on Lyra
  • 14,405.33 est. LYRA in farming rewards to be unlocked on Jan 7, 2021, which at the current market price of $0.31/LYRA equals $4,465.65 USD (~1.09 ETH)
  • 16.21 ETH deposited and actively managed in the ETH pool
  • $63,531.05 USDC deposited and actively managed in the USDC pool (~15.53 ETH)
  • 3.3674 $YFI sitting as a wallet balance, which at current market price of $33,697 per YFI equates to $113,471.82 USD (~27.74 ETH)
  • ~0.5 ETH sitting as a wallet balance
  1. Selling short call options on
  2. Actively managing the ETH and USDC pool on
  3. Holding a $YFI position (we will leverage this position for farming later, but for now, we’ll simply be holding $YFI in the very near term)
  1. Despite the markets being volatile, I still wanted us to have decent exposure to $ETH and the crypto markets in some way or form
  2. I don’t know if the markets were going to go up or down from here (Dec 19, 2021), my gut feel was sideways or down movement. However, one thing I had strong conviction on was we were going to experience above average volatility, and I wanted to make a play where we win on volatility, whether the markets move up or down.
Open calls on Lyra
Pool positions

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